Final Three Novels in the Epic Fantasy Saga!

In The Ancient Allan, a strange magical potion from ancient Egypt sends Allan and his soulmate, Lady Ragnall, back in time to the glory days of the kingdom of the Nile, where they are trapped in a deadly struggle for the crown and must oppose swords and sorcery with courage, intelligence, and Allan's awesome fighting skills.

Then, another whiff of the same potion sweeps Allan and Lady Ragnall to the Dawn Age when humankind still wore animal skins and warred with flint axes, and where the uncanny powers of the Ice-Gods threaten the future of all humanity, in Allan and the Ice-Gods.

Finally, in Allan Quatermain, the curtain comes down on the life of this extraordinary gentleman, when he penetrates the forbidden land of the Zu-Vendi, accompanied by his best friends, Good, Curtis, and the Zulu prince Umslopogaas and, to save the crown of a noble queen, they all face impossible odds in the gotterdammerung known as the Battle of the Stairs, from which two of their party will never return.

Categories Fantasy , F - Bargain Omnibuses
Author Page H. Rider Haggard's Futures Past Editions eBooks