Second Three Fantasy-Adventures of the Legendary Hunter/Hero!

Allan Quatermain has a very personal encounter with a lion that threatens to end his career before it begins and he faces long odds against surviving in A Tale of Three Lions, the first book in this blockbuster omnibus reprinting of the second three Quatermain adventures.

Then, the great hunter the natives call Macumazahn (He-Who-Watches-by-Night) must dare encounter unholy magic and even deadlier assegais to enter a forbidden land in search of the woman known as the Holy Flower, who may be an evil, ancient witch or who just might be a missing young English woman.

In league with a group of friends, Allan sets out to lift the curse of Heu-Heu, the Monster-God from a thousand centuries past who rules over a terrified, cowering land, but discovers that, as always, he must brave the dangers of the Black Kloof and seek the counsel of its master, the all-knowing sorcerer Zikali whose awesome powers intimidate even fearless hunter Quatermain, and whose design he so often finds himself carrying out.

Whether you learned to love Allan Quatermain through King Solomon's Mines or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, you will thrill to the exploits of Allan Quatermain as chronicled by H. Rider Haggard, who was at the top of his form when penning this trio of fantasy-adventure classics!

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