The fourth volume of this five-volume omnibus reprinting of the exploits of that extraordinary gentleman, Allan Quatermain, and his league of friends, begins with a bang.

The first novel, Finished, brings to an unforgettable conclusion the story of the downfall of the house of Senzangacona (the heirs of Shaka, the legendary Zulu king) from where it was left many years earlier in Allan's life, at the end of the books Marie and Child of the Storm. Only one of Shaka's brothers remains, and despite his greatest efforts, Allan once again finds himself forced to play a role in the horrendous fate the wizard Zikali has plotted for house of Senzangacona in vengeance for Shaka's ruthless slaughter of Zikali's wife and children.

Then, Magepa the Buck tells the story of the greatest act of heroism Allan Quatermain ever witnessed, and places him in peril from the Zulu king Cetewayo and his blood-soaked impis.

Then comes the tale of the hunter-hero's greatest adventure, the bestselling book that made Quatermain and his creator, H. Rider Haggard, world famous overnight, King Solomon's Mines.

As in volume 3 of this omnibus reprinting of this extraordinary gentleman's adventures, before this volume is over, another major series character will lie dead, foreshadowing the protagonist's own death in the final novel of the series, Alan Quatermain, at the end of volume 5.

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