Quatermain Faces Magic, Mystery and Danger on his Greatest Quests!

In She and Allan, a mystic encounter with the African sorcerer Zikali, the Opener of Roads, sends that extraordinary adventurer Allan Quatermain along with his bloodbrother, Umslopogaas of the Axe, and Allan's loyal retainer and friend, the bushman known as Hans, for the fabled land of Kor (Edgar Rice Burroughs fans please note), said to be the home of a mysterious woman with supernatural powers, known as She-who-Must-be-Obeyed. If Allan survives the perils that guard the way to Kor, Zikali promises, what he encounters there will change his life forever!

Next, rumors of forbidden Mone, the Holy Lake, and of the Dabanda who live upon its shore, send Quatermain and Hans to uncover the truth about a mysterious Treasure of the Lake, that some say is a fabulous fortune in jewels and others claim to be a scheming white woman who holds sway as a mighty prophetess over the Dabanda.

Then Allan and Hans begin one of their strangest and most fateful adventures, a trek into the land of the semi-living statue called The Ivory Child, of the people known as the Black Kendah, of a strange religion whose priests wield a potent magic, and of a monstrous elephant-god Jana, who only Hans will have the power to slay.

This middle trio of novels marks a major turning point in the life of Allan Quatermain, one which will lead him slowly out of the sunshine and onto a path that will end with his inevitable, if heroic death in the final volume of his exploits, which bears his name.

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