DNA.COM: A Novel of the Transhuman by Morton Chalfy

The founder of DNA.com has two cherished goals. The first, to "tame" the human species by isolating the gene snippets that promote greater empathy, and offering them to couples through the company's own matchmaking service. The second, to also establish a settlement on Mars populated by those who either have the gene or want it for their children.

The religious and secular opposition, naturally, will decry the genetic manipulation of the species—some because they don't think humankind is ready to shape its own future so directly, and others because they fear a world in which they aren't free to pursue dominion. Some will attempt to establish de facto ownership of the red planet.

Rival utopias have always existed in the minds of wistful but irreconcilable fantasists, but now the future of humanity lies in their hands...

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