GROWTH [The Gaia Trilogy, Book 2] by Morton Chalfy

“I love the positive outlook, the cooperation and the utopianism of the book. It's got some surprising new plot additions, and it's very creative.” —Tina Tessina, PhD, “Dr. Romance”

Gaia, the revival of an ancient sect that worships the Earth itself, has become the fastest growing religion in history. Already, seeing the planet as a sacred deity has led people high and low to mitigate business and governmental practices that harm the environment. Pollution is abating and steps are being taken to heal Earth’s damaged ecology.

But in the megacities, the women and men who benefit their existence, the rich and the powerful politicians who prosper from their patronage, have become aware of the expanding Gaian religion and are determined to stamp out the movement before its spreads any further. Already, clandestine military forces have been sent to break up Gaian services wherever they can be found, arresting or killing the congregations.

To preserve the planet from further pollution and help reverse the damage that has been done. Lucas, a former government operative, and Maeve, the Gaians’ new High Priestess, spread and foster the worship of the Earth goddess. And they succeed, their ecology-based movement growing and extending its influence throughout the world. But they must do all this while staying one step ahead of the hit squads and fanatics seeking to destroy them—and they both know their luck can’t last forever.

Meanwhile, Lucas’ uncle Harrison and his G partner Helene, in Brazil for a rejuvenation treatment, meet the clinics’ sociopathic billionaire founder, and learn of his plan to build starships and seed humankind among the stars—no matter what the consequences to those who remain behind on Earth. But there is just one catch: He plans to go along as an immortal God and the only seed he plans to spread is his own!

Praise for Gaia, Book 1 of the Gaia Trilogy:

“The lead characters, as well as a number of people they connect with along the way, are well drawn and likable. This is a book about how cooperation, science and ethical motivation are used by a group who not only want to survive, but to thrive in the new conditions, and to create a foundation for future generations to live well for millennia to come. The relationships depicted are warm, loving and sensual, and they involve people of different generations, so there's something for everyone. A philosophy of growth is expressed by several characters, and furthers the plot. There's conflict, but it remains on a human, believable scale. Personally, I'm weary of overdone and over exaggerated plots about war, evil and violence. I like the thoughtfulness and hopefulness of this book. A most enjoyable read.” —Tina Tessina, PhD, “Dr. Romance”

“Interesting SF novel …well written and suspenseful. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the near future, especially anyone who is concerned about humanity's impact on the Earth.” —Joe Vadalma, author, The Retslu Chronicles.

“Espionage, intrigue, narrow escapes; love, both young and mature. What more could you want out of a world, or a book?” —Herman Bartleby, Amazon review

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