GLORY [The Gaia Trilogy, Book 3] by Morton Chalfy

They saved the world—but could they save themselves?

"Chalfy’s tender rendering of characters sets this novel a notch above its peers." —Publishers Weekly

Gaia has become a worldwide religion of love for the Earth, global warming and pollution have been overcome and the greening of the earth has begun. But the challenges of human selfishness continue to confront those who have been guiding Gaia. Jorge Alvarado, The Director and creator of Rejuvenation City, pursues his dreams of immortality and tries to inveigle Harrison, one of Gaia’s longtime leaders, to join him. Jorge’s race of diminutive women, specially bred for star travel, the Jorgenauts, who will literally spread his seed across the galaxy, remain a dangerous ambition. The weight of the long years they have spent building and protecting the Gaian movement begin to tell on Harrison and Helene and the grinding weight of dealing with fanatics opposed to Gaia drags at the bodies and psyches of Lucas and Maeve. A virologist who wants to destroy the world, and pirates attacking the floating cities, complicate the hand-over of power and responsibility to the next generation of Gaians, creating a looming concern. The question of humanity's survival is placed squarely on the table.

"I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the near future, especially anyone who is concerned about humanity's impact on the Earth." —Joe Vadalma, author, The Retslu Chronicles.

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