Take one mermaid, one dismayed young man, an upper-class social set, and blend well for the frothiest classic since Topper!

In the tradition of Thorne Smith's Topper and Ron Howard's Splash comes this 1935 madcap romantic fantasy of an ordinary man whose life is turned upside down and backward when he rescues a charming—but utterly uninhibited—mermaid. From the leading romance magazine of its time, The Naughty Mermaid is available for the first time ever in book form.

"Worts' hero and heroine are always captivating, and the other characters are just as interesting. Together they bring us a story that is enthralling from beginning to end and which will hold the reader breathless with excitement." —Allentown Morning Call

In this George F. Worts screwball classic, "For those who like smooth romance with excitement lurking in every chapter" (Oakland Tribune), you will meet:

Wellington Peal, who discovered that finding a mischievous woman naked on a beach isn't as much fun as he thought—if she's a mermaid.

Zixie, whose real name translated from mer is Girl with Her Eye to the Wormhole of a Conch Shell, which means "she is terribly curious".

Patricia Trumbull, Wellington's fiancée, who loved only Wellington Peal and was certain he loved only her—but would she be as certain if she saw him in the embrace of a beautiful young woman in the "alltogether"?

Aunt Hattie, a staid, upper-crust and highly proper New England matron whose ideas of correct decorum were about to be outraged in ways she never dreamed of.

Wilkins, Aunt Hattie's long-suffering butler, whose dreary days were about to be lit by the sudden appearance of the most vivacious, charming young woman he had ever met.

Premier Gustanzo, the most powerful man in Europe, whose dignity and pride in his beard knew no equal—until a certain mermaid took it into her head to pull it.

"Refreshing! Guaranteed pleasurable reading." –Vancouver Sun

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