THE UNNAMED: A Horror Novel of Victorian London by Stephen L. Brooks

Victorian London, a foggy night, a dead body...the beginning of unimaginable horror to come!

Victorian London night: a lamplighter discovers the body of a very old man lying dead in an alley.

Scotland Yard calls in the eminent physician Dr. Conan to determine the cause of death. The brilliant and opinionated Conan is often consulted by Scotland Yard, but his sometimes unorthodox solutions frequently have him butting heads with incredulous Yard officials. Despite the man's apparent age, Dr. Conan determines the victim is no more than thirty and died as the result of rapid aging.

Together with his younger assistant Dr. Archibald “Archie” Hastings and Hasting's friend, the enigmatic, independent Gwyneth Rogers, the three begin an investigation that will carry them from the glittering mansions of the wealthy to the squalid hovels of the poor to the darkest heart of Victorian England. What they find will lie far beyond the boundaries of science and medicine and bring them face to face with terrors believed by the average Victorian to belong exclusively to the realms of myth and fiction.

The Unnamed is a dazzling and original, brilliant and unusual horror novel by a rising star of popular fiction. No one who loves an enthralling and original story well-told should miss Steve Brooks' masterpiece of terror in the London fog.

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