DEVIL’S BORN: A Novel of Chilling Horror by Mia Giglio

Annie Mae is seven years old, cute as a button and—when she's mad, a cross between Carrie and Chucky...

Kaylynn Silva has just been hired as a tutor by the very wealthy Reilly family. The salary is generous , her bedroom is luxurious, she has her own bathroom—with a jacuzzi—and only one student: their young daughter, Annie Mae. Kaylynn thinks she has landed her dream job—but it may be a nightmare from which she can't wake up.

At first, everything seems to be going great. Annie May is an adorable child and very bright. But soon, Kaylynn begins to notice disturbing things about her pupil that defy logical explanation. If Annie Mae gets mad at someone, they suffer terrible accidents...and some even wind up dead. Kaylynn begins to suspect something malevolent is hidden beneath the seven-year-old's sweet, freckled façade.

Kaylynn begins to unravel a dark family secret, which the Reillys will protect at all costs, even if it means sacrificing innocent lives. As Annie grows stronger, Kaylynn finds herself in a race against time to find out what this girl really is, and how to stop it. If she doesn’t, more people will die and the greatest evil of all will be unleashed on the unsuspecting human race.

And with a mounting sense of terror, Kaylynn realizes she needs to watch her back—or risk becoming Annie’s next target!

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