SMOKING MIRROR BLUES: Or, The Return of Tezcatlipoca by Ernest Hogan

The dazzling must-read classic SF novel!

An ancient god. A new technology. The future will never be the same. New technologies resurrect an ancient Aztec wizard/warrior god who hijacks the body of the one who resurrected him, running wild through a futuristic Hollywood, adapting the brave new world and getting back to his old business of creating chaos and taking control.

“...The subset of works that make up what Rudy García calls ‘Latino SpecFic’ are also worthy of greater notice. I would argue that the tools it affords an author are uniquely apt for exploring the human condition.
“Hogan’s style is both deftly self-assured and gleefully madcap, harkening to the very best of Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison and Samuel R. Delany. ...Steamy, explicit scenes are juxtaposed with philosophical conversations and political machinations, but the narrative flows smoothly, drawing a reader deep into this imagined world.
“And what a world! ...The shamanistic cyberpunk vibe of El Lay (Los Angeles) during this ‘trimili era’ is unique while feeling familiar, as if Guillermo del Toro had collaborated with Terry Gilliam to craft a fictional universe.”
—David Bowles, The Monitor

“A delirious mosaic of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, post-cyberpunk savvy, linguistic fun and Aztec myth. Exemplary—and exuberantly fun.”
—Claude Lalumiere, January Magazine

“If you're looking for something new and different, or just want to read something wacky with a little edge to it, then Smoking Mirror Blues is a book you should be reading right now.”
—James M. Palmer, New York Journal of Books

“the apocalypse is going to take the form of an Aztec trickster god invading cyberspace. You ready?”
—Amazon 5-star review

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