BRAINTICKET: Three Novellas of Science Fiction by Arthur Byron Cover

Three new novellas by the creator of the Universe of God-Like Men series. Author of Autumn Angels, Platypus of Doom and Planetfall, among others, and novels in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Flash Gordon and Robot City series.

"…under near-farcical trappings, an examination of such things as love, hate, motivation, and the meaning of existence itself." (Amazon reader review)

In "Dream Weaver," a missing-persons detective on a future Earth opened to the distant places and times by dimensional gateways seeks a missing woman, and instead awakens to his own unimaginably strange destiny.

In "Stratosfear," Sarah, a celestial being who moves easily through dimensions and universes, and possesses the power to alter realities with flawless precision, discovers that intervening in the affairs of hominids is not as simple as she would have thought.

And in "Editorial Prerogative," a drugged-out screen writer in a near tomorrow, who prides himself on his unflinching honesty, unleashes societal forces he cannot control when he involves himself with issues of homogeny.

According to contemporary readers posted at Goodreads, Arthur Byron Cover's work is:

"… brilliant … takes weird to a whole new level! Highly recommended!"

"… very strange … entertaining."

"… outrageous and plausible."

"… for those who enjoy a novel which plunges you into an original sci-fi world which raises thought provoking questions …"

"… astonishingly amusing and amazingly odd … full of wonderful ideas and imagery ... excellent."

And at Amazon:

"… a feast of strangeness populated by extraordinarily exotic, and yet deeply human characters. In part satire, in part thought experiment … an exploration of the meaning of humanity … filled with enough wild images and witty dialogues to equal five books by a lesser writer. A must read … creative to the max."

"… thoughtful stuff … highly readable."

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