AN EAST WIND COMING [The Universe of God-Like Men Book 3] by Arthur Byron Cover

Nebula Nominee author Arthur Byron Cover returns to the Great Mystery Trilogy with this captivating novel, featuring an immortal Sherlock Holmes and a deathless Jack the Ripper in a duel through space and time!

“An East Wind Coming is a decadent smorgasbord...peppered with the thrills of various pulp fictions and comic-book universes. In a far future the iconic characters of nineteenth- and twentieth-century pop culture have been reborn, all of them referring to themselves coyly as "the consulting detective," "the good doctor," "the Big Red Cheese," etc. Imagine Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time reinvented by a chimera of Kim Newman, Philip José Farmer, and Belgian nihilist surrealist Jacques Sternberg, and you'll get an idea of the strange atmosphere of this dense and mindwarping novel. Cosmic concepts, horrific crimes, and pulp heroes . . . what more could you want?” —The Magazine of F&SF

“A dark, rich and unusual fantasy/science-fiction novel. The Golden City of the Godlike Men is haunted by a murderer — possibly a reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. As the utopian streets run with blood, the godlike men face the ultimate crisis of their aimless, drifting existence. The murders seem to expose the underlying corruption and pointlessness of their existence. And the only hope seems to be to rouse the Consulting Detective (Sherlock Holmes) from his torpor, to finally investigate a new case that could change the nature of the godlike men's world. The literary fun-'n'-games should appeal to fans of Alan Moore's LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN or anyone who's explored the Wold-Newton playground of Philip Jose Farmer. But there's a wholly unique and utterly fascinating quality to this lonely, haunted, elegiac novel. Again and again, Cover defiantly mines new meaning and hidden power from the detritus of junk, pop, pulp culture. This lost classic of fantasy richly deserves to be rediscovered.” —Amazon Review

“The book is excellent. I recommend this one very highly, with the proviso that the reader will only enjoy it if they happen to like a great number of different types of writing; from great literature to comic books, pulp magazines, penny dreadfuls, etc.” —Casebook: Jack the Ripper

Arthur Byron Cover’s work is filled with "…agile inventiveness … extraordinary salience and outlandishness … astonishing imagination … grotesque and hilarious … honest and often truly beautiful … shocking and exultant. …nothing like the usual sf fare." —A.A. Attanasio, author, Radix

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