TOFFEE TURNS THE TRICK [The Hilarious Adventures of Toffee #3] by Charles F. Myers

Toffee Saves the World! But Not Without Turning it Upside Down!

Forget Topper and his ghosts. When staid advertising man Marc Pillsworth's dream girl, Toffee, materializes from his fantasies, the real fun starts! Fans of screwball comedy and humorous fantasy will love the classic adventures and misadventures of author Charles F, Myers' Toffee.

First, the hijinks start when rejuvenation pills work too well and Marc becomes the babe on Toffee's knee. Things get worse when his condition must be concealed from Marc's wife, clients, and a couple of goons. But just when things look darkest, Toffee turns the trick.

Then, in the second complete Toffee short novel, when heads of state butt heads and doomsday looms imminent, Toffee decides the world's leaders need a good kick in the pants. Literally! It's all part of her plan to save Marc Pillsworth—and that means saving the world! It's no mean feat, even for a carefree spirit with magical powers like Toffee. First she's off to Washington to set a few senators straight, then it's on into the heart of deadly danger for a foot-to-posterior meeting with the world's bloodiest tyrant. And most of the time she is carrying the hapless Marc along in her wake. Before it's over, Toffee will have made a shambles out of dictators, congress, the Department of Defense, at least one courtroom, and Mark's domestic life.

Chuckle your way through "Toffee Turns the Trick" and "The Vengeance of Toffee," two unforgettable Charles F. Myers fantasy classics from the early 1950s, first time ever in book form.

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