THE SHADES OF TOFFEE [The Hilarious Adventures of Toffee #4] by Charles F. Myers

When Marc Pilsworth's dream girl, Toffee, came to life right out of a daydream, he knew he was in trouble. When he invented an antigravity device, he found that Toffee plus antigravity equaled dynamite! But pixelated girls from the dream plane—especially those who who couldn't keep their clothes on and kept appearing every time his real-life girlfriend Julie was around—were one thing. Communist spies, scheming capitalists, and the shades of the Pilsworth family were another, and a far more deadly, explosive mix.

If you like classic fantasy served up frothy and bewitching, don't miss this, the only full-length Toffee novel ever written. Marion Kirby had nothing on our gal Toffee. It's a deliriously heady brew recommended for whatever ails you.

Categories Science Fiction , Fantasy , F - Novels , SF - Novels
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