TOFFEE HAUNTS A GHOST [The Hilarious Adventures of Toffee #2] by Charles F. Myers

More Fantasy Hijinks in the Ghostly Tradition of "Topper"!

Toffee was Marc Pillsworth's dream girl. Just a picture in his imagination—until he concentrated too hard one day, and brought her to life from the spirit realm. Here is the second installment of this first-ever reprinting of the misadventures of the classic pulp heroine. Part spirit, part gamin, Toffee always manages to fill Marc's life with hilarious and often dangerous complications when he is foolish enough to think of her.

But this time Toffee meets her match, when Marc's ghost appears a tad early by several decades, and decides that arranging Marc's death now will neaten everything up. With a pixelated ghost trying to kill him and Toffee trying to save him, Marc's life just goes from bad to worse. Soon the police, outraged citizens, and gangsters are all after him.

But that's not what scares Marc. What scares him is that his not-so-understanding wife, Julie, is also on his trail, convinced he's cheating. If Toffee's going to save him, there is only thing for her to do—haunt his ghost until it gives up and returns to the spirit world.

Toffee is a spirit all right, the spirit of side-splitting fun! Don't miss what award-winning writer Frank Robinson calls "Thorne-Smith-type fantasies by Charles Myers about a rollicking, ribald girl named Toffee." Or, as author Richard Lupoff puts it, "Toffee was incredibly sexy, generously yet gracefully endowed, sweet in nature unless you got her peeved, cheerily playful, often very funny, and she didn't wear many clothes. Toffee made perfect reading material. ...I was more than slightly in love with her..."

The cover is one of the original Toffee covers painted by Harold McCauley for Imaginative Tales.

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