THE LAUGHTER OF TOFFEE [The Hilarious Adventures of Toffee #5] by Charles F. Myers

His dream girl proved a delightful nightmare!

Every since Marc Pillsworth's dream girl had come to life, he had been in hot water. Now the water was getting colder! Cold war assassins were shooting him, a ghost was waiting to haunt his corpse—and Toffee was about to love him to death.

Pillsworth thought he had problems—then his wife found out about Toffee's reappearance! After that he had No Time for Toffee. And in the second and final Toffee novella, Marc Pillsworth discovers that though the dream girl was enough to drive any man dizzy, seeing her with x-ray vision was even more so. Add a miracle elixir, a con artist named Hotshot Harold, and a bevy of police officers who think Marc is a crook, mix well with zaniness ...and you have The Laughter of Toffee. Here you'll find the final two novellas in the series that rivals Thorne Smith's beloved Topper.

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