PIRATES OF THE TIME TRAIL: The Alternate History Classic by Ross Rocklynne

Nebula Nominee's Never-Reprinted Alternate Universes Pulp Masterpiece!

Straight from the pages of the Fall 1943 issue of Startling Stories comes this book-length novel of piracy, romance and alternate history. Pilot Steve Killiard is shot down by a Japanese pilot during a WWII dogfight. But does he descend to earth only to be taken as a prisoner of war? No!

Instead, a strange ship materializes in the heavens and soon Killiard is taken captive by pirates from an alternate Earth, whose discovery of cross-dimensional travel frees them to descend upon—and loot—any other sitting-duck Earths who, with inferior technologies, are still stuck in their own dimension.

But when Killiard finds himself the slave of a female time pirate, and starts to fall for her, he thinks things might not be so bad. That's when he learns that our Earth is fated to lose WWII, and determines to let nothing stand in the way of stealing the time pirates' technology and returning home to help win the war for America.

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