MORDRAKE’S APPRENTICE and Other Tales of Retslu by Joe Vadalma

Fans of Jack Vance and Clark Ashton Smith will Love Retslu!

Enter the enchanting fantasy world of Retslu. Some say it's as flat as a pancake. Others think it's as round as a crystal ball. Perhaps if you traveled to Nowhere Mountain, where you can see the edge of the world, you could find out who's right.

There are many strange lands. For example, in the Nether Lands, the warriors ride on bicycles; hence they are known as Bikings. In Vampirevania, the ruler is a vampire and attacks by werewolves are an everyday occurrence. Among the many sights you won't want to miss are the great red dragon who guards the Fountain of Youth, the land of The Who where they hate The Whats, the undersea city of Atlantis, and Turkle Troll, the toll taker of the Troll Bridge, who may ask you a riddle or two.

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