DON’T COME TO MARS [Chronicles of the Six Worlds] by Henry Hasse

First Volume in "Lost" Future History Series!

In the 1930s–1940s, at the same time that Heinlein was writing his famed future history series and Asimov was at work on the Foundation saga, Henry Hasse was busy writing a future history series of his own—a longer one than Heinlein and Asimov's put together. Here, reprinted for the first time ever since their original magazine appearance, is the first volume of stories in this long ignored series. (You won't find it mentioned in any sf reference work or website!)

First, a scientist working for the space program finds his body taken over by a Martian determined to prevent a manned mission from leaving for the red planet—for Earth's own good. Learn the deadly danger forced him to warn, "Don't Come to Mars!"

Next, a century later the first successful manned mission is the result of a world war and a race to be the first to seize the fourth world for its strategic importance. Trapped between ruthless enemy forces from Earth and the red planet's most blood-thirsty hoards, a lone Earthman and the priestess of an almost forgotten religion must pierce the secret of the mysterious Angular Stone her people have worshiped for centuries if they hope to save both their worlds from destruction.

Then, discover how a scientific breakthrough on the innermost world of the solar system led to the downfall of Earth's last tyrant, affecting the fate of Mars and all the other planets.

Finally, a man searching the canals of the red world's frozen polar cap for his lost brother unwittingly frees the very menace the Martian in the first story tried to warn humankind against—an ancient alien intelligence with the power to enslave every being on both planets!

"Fine adventure, good characterization!" —Milton Lesser/Stephen Marlow.

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