TO MAKE A HERO [Leland Hale, Galactic Conman #1] by Randall Garrett

Leland Hale thought the universe owed him a living, and he was collecting on the installment plan.

Lord Darcy Creator, award winner Randall Garrett's rarest and never-reprinted series character, Leland Hale, will steal your heart—and all your money! Fraud, larceny and murder are all in the day's work for this master interstellar confidence man.

In To Make a Hero, Hale is about to descend on the planet Cardigan's Green with a nefarious planetary scam designed to make him rich at the population's expense. He doesn't know he is about to become a savior!

First of the three Leland Hale capers—don't miss the other two in the "Related Products" tab. Reprinted from the 1950s pulp, Infinity.

Cover: T. L. Mars, inspired by an Ed Valigursky cover for Fantastic Stories.

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Dwarf Stars Novelettes
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