THE CRUCTARS ARE COMING! The SF Pulp Classic by Paul L. Payne

From Planet Stories' Sister Pulp and Editor!

Dark atrocities—hundreds slaughtered or vanished! Many blamed the Martians. Yet the Martians had come in peace and brought many benefits to humankind. Why would they suddenly turn into cruel, vicious killers? Mary Dunham knew better.

The man she loved had actually witnessed the Cructar Death. But no one else wanted to believe him. For he was "Bottleneck" Blodgett—that inconvenient, flat-footed, prophetic fool. He was the man who cried, "The Cructars are coming!"

Paul L. Payne was editor of the legendary Planet Stories and its companion pulp Two Complete Science-Adventure Novels. This never-reprinted masterpiece was scheduled for Planet but switched to its sister publication.

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