True Accounts of Men and Women Turned into Wolves!

The 1890s classic that launched the 20th century fascination with werewolves. A fascinating and shuddersome compilation of authentic cases of lycanthropy—men and women transformed into wolves—throughout history and around the world.

You will read about Scandinavian werewolves in the Völsung Saga and Hrolf's Saga; those of the middle ages like the Courland Werewolves, Pierre Bourgot and Michel Verdung, the Gandillon Family, and the famous case of Jean Grenier. You will also learn the lore of werewolves and protections against them dawn from around the world: Scotland, Norway, Russia, Poland, India, Abyssinia, Greece and more. You will also discover the causes of lycanthropy, such as innate or extreme cruelty, fascination with blood, hallucination and mental illness. This is the sourcebook for early-twentieth century horror writers and film makers, from Lovecraft to Siodmak.

"Fascinating! Every were-fan should read it!" —Forrest Ackerman.

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