THE CASE OF THE HOUSE WHO ATE PEOPLE [Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator #3] by Joe Vadalma

Only She Could Free the President from a Sorcerer's Spell!

Raven has been convicted of the murder of Peter Morgan, and is serving a life sentence, when she is visited by Magbertius the evil sorcerer in his guise as Peter Johnson. He tells her that he is going to become the emperor of the world and wants her to be his empress. She tell him to get lost.

But she is also visited by Jack Grant, Deputy Director of Homeland Security. He makes a deal to arrange for her and her newfound friend Annie to be released from prison if she will help him on a case. Grant tells her that since the president's new advisor, Nicholas Machevelli, has been appointed, the president has been acting strangely, proposing bills contrary to his beliefs, taking more power for himself and declaring war on a friendly nation. The agent wants Raven to find out how this Machevelli is controlling the president.

Soon Raven finds she is up to her neck in a deadly plot involving demons, rival sorcerers, secret agents, murderous politicians and The Necronomicon. As Raven parries magic and follows up clues, her path leads to an isolated mansion on a remote island. There she will face dangers and challenges greater than any before, with the fate of the world resting on her very unlikely survival.

Categories Fantasy , Horror , F - Novels , H - Novels
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