THE CASE OF THE MISSING CORPSE [Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator #2] by Joe Vadalma


Hell on Earth... In Second Volume of the Raven Lenore Series!

Raven Lenore has a new client, Mordecai Wilsey, a mortician who hires her to find a corpse stolen from his mortuary.

First, Raven interviews the dead man's relatives with little success. Then she moves on to his friends. She gets no further than his best friend, Peter Morgan, before the interviews take a decidedly supernatural turn. According to Peter, the dead man has been seen out and about in a rather uncorpselike way, as well as associating with a known vampire named Celia VanGrimm.

Now in her element, Raven really gets to work, setting up surveillance of the mortuary. When she sees someone enter it, she investigates further and, lo and behold, catches Celia drinking blood drained from a corpse. Celia swears that she had nothing to do with stealing the first corpse, but confesses that Peter Morgan is one of her living blood donors. She tells Raven that she can be contacted at Graceland Cemetery.

Raven returns home and, her mind in turmoil, has a vivid nightmare in which the dead tell her that she will be caught in the middle of a maelstrom. Too bad they didn't tell her where the missing corpse is; she's running out of options.

Raven, feeling that she is going nowhere with the case, holds a séance with two of her Wiccan friends. But, instead of contacting the spirit of the missing corpse, they contact Raven's doppelganger, Lenore Raven, and inadvertently bring her out hell to walk the earth.

Will they solve the case together? Will the doppleganger cause trouble? Will anyone catch Celia VanGrimm? Where is the dead man and how dead is he, really? Find out in this riveting second volume of the Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator series.

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Categories Fantasy , Horror , F - Novels , H - Novels
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