THE SECOND SAX ROHMER OMNIBUS: Quest of the Sacred Slipper; Bat-Wing; Brood of the Witch Queen

3 Classics of Eerie Horror from the Creator of Fu-Manchu!

Here are three legendary novels, over 1,000 pages in hardcover, featuring the fiendish arch-villains, ethereally beautiful women, and intrepid heroes his legions of fans have come to expect from the author of the immortal Dr. Fu-Manchu.

In Quest of the Sacred Slipper, terror comes to Britain when a self-centered archeologist unearths one of Islam's holiest relics, the sacred slipper of the prophet Mohammed. Until it is returned to its rightful people, the implacable Hassan of Allepo vows his reign of death and destruction shall not cease.

In Bat-Wing, the imperturbable detective Paul Harley nearly loses his cool, and his life, when he comes face to face with a case of vampirism in the streets of modern London. Soon medieval deviltry is afoot among motorcars and beneath glittering electric lights.

Finally, in one of his best and most celebrated novels, Brood of the Witch Queen, Rohmer weaves a tale of ancient Egyptian magics around the contemporary figure of Antony Ferrara, a black magician (modeled on the author's fellow member of the magical order known as the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley), armed with awesome powers, determined on world conquest.

Here are three of the greatest novels of horror and dark fantasy ever written, in one low-priced, bargain omnibus edition.

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