THE FIRST SAX ROHMER OMNIBUS: Fire-Tongue; Dope; The Yellow Claw

Three Complete Masterpieces of the Weird and Uncanny!

Here is a trio of dark fantasies by the creator of the fiendish Dr. Fu Manchu. You will shiver with dread at some of the horrors that spring from the mind of author Sax Rohmer. As The Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection notes, "Although his tales are often fantastic, they are wholly accurate with regard to background material. If a 7-inch poisonous millipede [is used to commit murder], the reader can be sure that the insect actually exists. …many bizarre tales were based on historical events…"

Fire-Tongue, Dope and The Yellow Claw are three of his most celebrated novels of fiendish torture and macabre death. Even the chapter titles exude mystery, thrills, the occult: "Kazmah, The Dream Reader," "The Gilded Joss," "Chinese Magic," "The Maid of the Masque," "The Black Smoke," The Lady of the Civet Furs," "Cave of the Golden Dragon," "Ho-Pin's Catacombs," "The Living Dead," "Cagliostro's Staircase," "Grove of a Million Apes," "His Excellency Ormuz Khan," "The Seventh Kama."

How can you resist? A true ebook bargain.

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