THE FU-MANCHU OMNIBUS: Insidious Fu-Manchu, Return of Fu-Manchu, Hand of Fu-Manchu by Sax Rohmer

The Evil Genius of Crime!

That fiendish, brilliant turn-of-the century villain is back again. Read the original trilogy that launched his celebrated career—together in one ebook. A brow like Shakespeare, a face like Satan, and eyes of hypnotic green—and an army of the weirdest, most fiendish cohorts, tortures, and death-dealing devices in history.

Penned by the immortal Sax Rohmer, authority on obscure cults and even more obscure murder methods, the Fu-Manchu books have enthralled audiences for nearly one hundred years. They have been filmed, become radio series, and even appeared as a television series. Your flesh will creep when you learn about how a man was murdered with the Zayat Kiss, of tortures like the Wire-Jackets, and the invisible murderer who could slay a victim in the locked room of a penthouse.

Can Nayland Smith of Scotland Yard and his friend Dr. Petrie possibly thwart this evil mastermind who aims at nothing less than to make himself supreme dictator of the World? If they fail, Fu-Manchu will destroy civilization in order to remake it in his own image. And what of Fu-Manchu's beautiful, nameless slave woman? Has she truly fallen in love with Petrie's instinctive decency—or is she a willing pawn in Fu-Manchu's plot to destroy both Smith and the good doctor?

As one reader writes, "It's amazing how much action Sax Rohmer crams into his books. Before all is said and done in book one, we have dealt with poisonous centipedes, opium dens, trapdoors, memory drugs, mummies, poison gas, thugees and dacoits, ship raids, hashish, zombies, poison mushrooms, swamp adder drugs and on and on... This is a ripper of a yarn!"

Three complete classic 1900s British thrillers—Insidious Fu-Manchu, Return of Fu-Manchu, Hand of Fu-Manchu—complete in one convenient ebook.

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