PLANETS OF ADVENTURE #4: Red Witch of Mercury & The Beast-Jewel of Mars

Two Complete Book-Length Novels of Strange Adventures on Other Worlds...

...reprinted from the pages of the legendary pulp magazine of colorful, poetic space opera, Planet Stories! In Emmett McDowell's gripping Red Witch of Mercury, death was Jaro Moynahan's stock in trade, and every planet had known his touch. But now, on Mercury, he was selling his guns in the weirdest of all his exploits, gambling his life against the soft touch of a woman's lips—the fearful Red Witch of Mercury.

And then, Leigh Brackett's incomparable classic, The Beast-Jewel of Mars. Could Fand, beautiful and base, bewitch the tall swordsman from Terra? Burk Winters was a panting, shambling ape, fleeing through dark and echoing pits of horror. Behind him hissed the lashes of the jeering mob, savagely exultant at having debauched another proud Terran into something that slavered and crawled. Had the scheming Fand overlooked one crucial factor? Could the Earthbeast's love for Jill somehow free him from the superscientific thrall of her devolution ray?

Cover art by Allen Anderson, for the Winter 1948 Planet Stories, illustrating The Beast-Jewel of Mars.

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