PLANETS OF ADVENTURE #1: Sword of Fire & The Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears

The Ultimate Adventures in Space! Forget Star Wars! Star Trek, Ho Hum!

Each Planets of Adventure reprints two complete book-length novels of space adventure from the supreme exemplar of highly-charged, vividly-colored space opera, the legendary pulp Planet Stories. Fasten your seatbelts for atomic-powered thrills, alien landscapes, daring heroes, intrepid heroines, fiendish villainesses.

From the 1940s, we bring you "Sword of Fire: A Novel of an Enslaved World" by Emmett McDowell. He was a plain, ordinary Jones, so his spaceman father named him Jupiter, hoping it would help him stand out. But he remained a plain, ordinary Jones—until the space warp cast him, naked and helpless, into the slime of that vile world. Then Jupiter Jones cursed the fate that marooned him among the planet's groveling mutants. He only wanted to escape—but the mutants' rising, excited whispers proclaimed him a knight in shining armor who alone could save them. And the strange sword he'd found was, they said, the one weapon that could prevail against the vicious octopoids who enslaved them.

Then, you'll thrill to "The Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears: A Novel of Peril on Alien Worlds" by Keith Bennett. Their fighting song was known from Terra's hinterlands to Ganymede's glittering domes: "Oh, the Rocketeers have shaggy ears. They're dirty sons of space!" Someday, there will be a legend like this. Someday, from Steamy Venus or Arid Mars, the shaking, awe-struck words will come whispering back to us, building the picture of a glory so great that our throats will choke with pride. Pride in the Rocketeers of Terra.

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