PLANETS OF ADVENTURE #2: Flame Jewel of the Ancients & The Seven Jewels of Chamar

Two classic, colorful novels of the spaceways from the pages of the supreme magazine of space opera, Planet Stories. In "Flame Jewel of the Ancients", proud Terra and the 1,000 suns would be drifting embers if Bro-Donal won the Flame-Jewel of the Ancients. The tiny golden sphere, blazing with terrible energy, spelled Galactic Empire at last to his outlaw horde, once they had tapped its limitless power.

They were grimly amused, therefore, when Captain Glayne of the Stellar Guardians dropped innocently out of subspace to view their mighty prize. Glayne's only hope was the laughing, green-eyed Niala, who betrayed men with a heart colder than the blue vapors of Jupiter.

And in "The Seven Jewels of Chamar": The seven gems were scattered, yet they still flamed like distant suns, maddening the beholder. United, held in a grasping palm, they bestowed a godlike power that could rule the Solar System. But, the Jewels' flame-lances still white-hot from killing, young Ormondy and the fabulous Firebird learned the terrible price of that power...

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