THE ZANDRA SAGA—Zandra and The Hidden Worlds of Zandra by William Rotsler


“Gripping. A jetload of Americans is 'snatched' by a ruling race from perhaps another, alternate universe. They want the plane’s metal and sell the people as slaves. Their ancient machines only focus on what we know and love as the Devil’s Triangle near Bermuda. By guile, intelligence and superior fighting ability (enhanced by the lighter gravity of this metal-poor planet), the hero Mace Wilde manages to become the lover to a soon-to-rule Princess and manages to reunite with the woman from Earth he loves, Eve Claton, who has survived an escape and an alliance with a rebellious race of mountain people. [But even if they manage to regain] control of their lives and have a chance to get back to Earth—because of a time differential, such a return would plonk them into our future by several hundred years. Zandra has elemental power.” —Science Fiction Review

“Rotsler introduces all the characters to the readers while they are on an airplane, takes it through the Devil's Triangle and crashed them on Zandra, where all the disappearees have been going for centuries. It's a … great civilization long over the hill, run by feudalistic despots with antigravity airships and slaves, the latter group for which our protagonists are immediately drafted. Our protagonists, of course, take immediate action with their modern wits and cunning, as well as their greater strength in the lower gravity, which they made use of to exhibit truly John Carterish fighting abilities. [They also] struggle to find a way to return to Earth (the first step of which, of course, is to take over the planet from the dangerous but bungling incompetents running it). Well written adventure.” —Thrust

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