DEVIL-MAY-CARE [The Benaroya Chronicles III] by Jody Scott


Now available in book form for the first time ever! When this sequel to Passing for Human and I, Vampire was written in the 1980s, it was rejected by all the major science fiction publishers who told Jody Scott it was “too far out” for commercial publication.

“Jody Scott knows that science fiction reaches the parts other fiction cannot reach. Like Philip K. Dick, she uses science fiction to question the meaning of reality and the nature of humanity—but saying that doesn't even hint at what a wild, original and outrageously funny writer she is.” —TimeOut Magazine

“The greatest employment of science fiction in the service of satire. The best unknown SF writer.” —Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine

Rysemian operatives are here to help us evolve. Or Else. But first they must defeat archfiend Scaulzo, worshiped as the Prince of Darkness across many galaxies. ...But can the devil ever really be tamed? Freewheeling cadet Benaroya has a plan—so audacious it might just succeed. Recruit Virginia Woolf’s lover, lesbian vampire Sterling O’Blivion; send her to the mothership for training and rehab by George Patton and Nancy Reagan. Detail Abe Lincoln and Douglas MacArthur to the 1950s to unravel the Gordian knot of human history, master the nuances of being a “respected male leader,” survive Scaulzo's Agony Organ horrorshow that hypnotically invades their thoughts, and refrain from liking the human race a little too much. Tapdance America’s child-sweetheart to superstardom as a Rysemian evangelist. (“‘I come to you humans from across the void,’ Shirley roared in pulpits everywhere—standing on a pile of books.”) Spring the ultimate, high-stakes trap for the devil; Benaroya the bait, Earth’s fate in the balance.

“Jody Scott is like a mad cabby who knows most of the streets in town and knows where the laughs are—get into her rig and she'll take you on a fast and furious spin through America's ideological terrain.” —Michael Shea

“There’s a hilarious rage at the heart of Devil-May-Care that threatens to devour the plot, but doesn’t. Somehow Jody Scott has created a universe that tears across all the usual genre categories and makes brilliant, vicious fun of just about everything. It’s delicious craziness with some serious wisdom shining through.” —Ernest Hogan, author, High Aztech

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