THE EMPEROR IN THE LAND OF FIRE [The Amazing Adventures of the Emperor #5] by Charles Lee Jackson II

He’s back! Faster than a rocket...more powerful than an atom to charm anyone with a single smile! That amazing crusader from the heart of Hollywood—the champion of Justice—The Emperor!

When the forces of Continent-Eight, the International Executive of Crime, learn of the fabulous power and weaponry lying abandoned in the wreck of an alien spaceship on the wastes of Antarctica, it’s up to The Emperor to stop the world’s greatest criminals from obtaining them—for the ship contains all the fearsome tools that brought would-be conquerors from the planet Randnar to Earth across the vast gulf of space—and which nearly let them destroy civilization! As the Executive’s leaders battle for control of this power, The Emperor finds he must team with one villain against the greater danger of the other! All this brings The Emperor to the South Pole and to Tierra del Fuego, where he finds himself... The Emperor in the Land of Fire.

And this special bonus adventure! When a woman comes to The Emperor in search of help, he finds a weird tale of danger and death haunting the set of the outer-space thriller, “Galactic Jack”!

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