THE STORY OF BATMAN by Charles Lee Jackson II

Born in the mind of a young comic book and movie fan in 1939, the character of Batman went on to take the world by storm. Donning a costume in the shape of a bat to terrify criminals when he came swooping in out of the night, Batman had to rely on extreme physical training and a lightning-fast mind in his battles with criminals, supervillains and others. Batman's dark, implacable and human vulnerabilities were to make him DC Comics' most beloved hero.

Soon newspapers and movie serial makers wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the Dark Knight (as Batman came to be called). The result was a legendary newspaper series and one of the most memorable Saturday matinee cliffhangers of all time. So popular was the serial that it resulted in a sequel, "Batman and Robin".

Screen historian Charles Lee Jackson II tells the whole exciting story of Batman, from the beginning through the unforgettable 1960s television series to the award-winning animated show to the Dark Knight's latest screen portrayals and comic book adventures. This unique ebook edition features drawings, stills and posters from Batman’s many incarnations.

"Charles Lee Jackson's knowledge of film history is encyclopedic." —Forrest J Ackerman.

Revised, expanded and updated edition of an article originally appearing in Filmfax.

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