THE HIDDEN WORLD [The Interplanetary Adventures of Space Hawk #5] by Harry Bates

Never-Reprinted Continuation of the Legendary Hawk Carse Saga!

Hawk Carse faced his greatest problem when he found that the sinister Kui Sui still lived; and with him seven other men who had died! But the Space Hawk faced an even greater peril when he found himself battling with the mysterious unborn "Q", whose powers were greater than any human!

From the pages of the golden age Amazing Stories comes this 1942 "complete book-length novel" penned by Space Hawk's creator, Harry Bates, almost a decade after the original stories. Originally titled The Return of Hawk Carse, this volume brings the Space Hawk face to face with enemies old and new, unexpected and unforeseen.


Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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