THE BLUFF OF THE HAWK [The Interplanetary Adventures of Space Hawk #3] by Harry Bates

From the Author of "The Day the Earth Stood Still"—the Astounding Science Fiction Character who Became the Symbol of Space Opera!

Space Hawk was the only man to stand between space pirate Ku Sui's ambitions—which could only be satisfied when the entire Solar System was forced under his rule—and the peace of the frontier worlds. Their battle flamed across space, and there were many times when it seemed Hawk Carse must fail!

Now Ku Sui seemed to be dead—yet a fiendish the trap awaited the Hawk at the System's most notorious pirate stronghold, world of pleasure and vice, Port o'Porno. A trap no one could possibly escape, not even Space Hawk.

Here you'll find the original magazine text, not the censored 1950s book text. From the pages of the 1930s Astounding Stories of Super-Science (now Analog).

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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