THE AFFAIR OF THE BRAINS [The Interplanetary Adventures of Space Hawk #2] by Harry Bates

The First Great Space Opera Hero Returns!

The classic adventures of Hawk Carse, Space Hawk, continue with the second installment of this memorable series from the pages of the legendary 1932 Astounding Science Fiction (now known as Analog).

Hawk Carse came to the frontiers of space when Saturn was the frontier planet, years before law and order were brought to the empires of the far-flung planets. It was a time when the outer limits of the Solar System were being terrorized by the space pirate, Ku Sui, and there was scarcely a pioneer outpost which had not already been the victim of the deadly doctor. In this adventure, Ku Sui abducts Earth's greatest scientists and harvests their living brains in a breathtaking plot to conquer the solar system. Can even Space Hawk foil his fiendish plan?

Blazing rayguns, thrilling space battles, and personal courage highlight this great short novel from the glory days of the science fiction pulps. Here you'll find the original magazine text, and not the censored 1950s book version.

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