SHADOW OF SINDRI [Irda’s Children, Book 1]

In this exciting sf/fantasy adventure, sixteen-year-old Geir, his sister Jory, and their mother Sophia take a pathway to a nameless elsewhere, which lies on the other side of a stone bridge. Beyond the bridge is a land filled with science so advanced as to seem like magic.

An enigmatic white-haired woman named Irda, who claims to be the youngsters' grandmother, leads them and their mother on a journey intended to right a wrong which took place nearly two decades earlier. Lovely blonde Sophia fled this land with her lover many years ago, after stealing a strange black ring from Ullnar, Lord of the Jurnburg. Knowledge of what that ring controls is a dangerous secret, whose revelation threatens to bring the entire world to ruin.

The Lord of the Jurnburg and the Ice Lord of the far north skirmish, lie, and plot, as war between them draws ever nearer. Geir, caught in the political turmoil, must choose who he is going to follow. Meanwhile, his sister has been separated from him by accident and finds herself miles away, embroiled in the machinations of Berict, Dwarf Lord of the Eastern Caves and the smiling, scheming, villain Luk.

Sorm and Garm, the centuries-old shape changers, rescue Jory from the Ice Lord's minions, but they have plans and goals of their own and secret ways of achieving their ends. When Geir and his companions travel to Eishal, the Ice Lord's eerie training camp, to find and rescue the only one who knows what became of the black ring, brother and sister find themselves on opposite sides in a battle that may be to the death.

The final answer to the riddle lies buried in the mind of a man trained only to kill—and he cannot remember what it was.

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