CLAIMED! by Francis Stevens

Lost Horror Classic of an Ancient God's Vengeance!

When a young woman's grasping billionaire uncle unearths a centuries-old box from Atlantis containing the magical secrets of the ancient God of the Sea, she finds herself a pawn in the struggle between her uncle and the legendary but-all-too-real Poseidon. For the Sea God is determined to either regain the box—or claim her as his bride!

A young doctor resolves to stand by her against this dark peril—but how can he protect her, when the sea can invade the third story of a house, when the oceans rise from the shore to swallow whole cities, when Poseidon himself comes riding his white-maned horses across the sea's waves, and when the long dead rise up to man ghost ships and pluck the woman he loves from his arms?

Claimed! is another gripping classic from the grandmistress of dark horror, Francis Stevens (AKA Gertrude Barrows Bennett), the woman whose work, H. P. Lovecraft wrote, "if written by Sir Walter Scott or Ibanez...would have been praised to the skies... Underlying its amazing and thrilling scenes...[is a] wonderful and tragic allegory. [Stevens is] among the highest grade of writer." Fantasy editor Mary Gnaedinger hailed it as "a masterpiece...all readers will like."

Written in 1919, Claimed! is a rare treat for fantasy and horror fans, out of print in any form for more than fifty years!

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