THE EYE ON THE PYRAMID [The Weird Adventures of Charles Winterbottom, Archaeologist] by Joe Vadalma

Being the Weird Adventures of Archeologist Charles Winterbottom with Frankenstein, Captain Nemo, and a certain Wicked Witch on the Yellow Brick Road, in Atlantis—and Beyond.

In this second volume of his Weird Adventures, Archeologist Charles Winterbottom's desperate quest to find the fabled Eye on the Pyramid sets him on a collision course with Baron Frankenstein, Captain Nemo, the Wicked Witch of the West, and a certain famous Wizard—on the Yellow Brick Road, in Atlantis, at Graceland Cemetery, and in the dungeon beneath a Mad Scientist's Laboratory.

A hilarious sendup of Dan Brown and James Rollins, the Oz canon, Jules Verne, and so much more. Steampunk has never been funnier. For lovers of Discworld, Xanth, the Mythadventures and so much more.

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels , Horror , H - Novels , Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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