THE SANDS OF TIME & Other Science Fiction and Fantasy Tales by Joe Vadalma

Bestselling Morgaine Series Author's First Collection!

Here, from such e-zines as Dark Moon Rising, SFF World, Aphelion, Sword's Edge, and Planet, are some of the most dazzling fantasy and sf short stories of our time, as only Joe Vadalma could have written them.

From heroic quests complete with dragons, to lonely starmen, to the very human plights of inhuman androids, to time travel, and more, here are a baker's dozen of his best, including "The Sands of Time," "Absolute Creation," Androids in Pax," "Anomaly," "The City Behind the Door," "Immortal Homecoming," and other mind-stretching, spell-binding tales.

"A great collection, worth reading, and rereading, and rereading." —SF Sagas.

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