A BOX ON THE SEASHORE—The Best Short Stories of Joe Vadalma

The Best of Joe Vadalma!

A Box on the Seashore collects stories personally chosen by the author of over forty novels and many short stories in the fantasy, science fiction and paranormal fiction genres. The stories in this anthology are "my own personal favorites", he tells us. These 14 selections include the title story, plus:

A Mind Odyssey
The Sands of Time
Immortal Homecoming
Psychic Pop-Up
The Adventures of Prince Woden and Knight Noise
Count Poperazi
Mordrake's Apprentice
Shadow in the Sky
Paddy's New Girl Friend
Gloomy Sunday
Subway Seductress
One Strange Night in a Graveyard

Joe Vadalma's stories and novels are "a great read," raves Scifi Guy, "[they have] everything, interesting characters, high fantasy, gothic suspense, hi-tech. A mixture of the modern with the medieval. ...real page turners."

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