A YANK AT VALHALLA by Edmond Hamilton

The Science Fantasy Classic! He Flew Over the Rainbow—but Not to Oz!

The author of The Star Kings returns! In A Yank at Valhalla, the author's euphonious protagonist, a war-weary aircraft pilot on a scientific expedition in the Arctic, helps discover a strangely shaped gold cylinder covered with runic symbols. Flying it back to the mainland, he soon finds his plane is being drawn northward by an irresistible force. When he spots a vast chasm in the earth spanned only by a shimmering bridge of rainbow hues, with a noble castle rising on the far side, and a golden-haired Valkyrie on a flying horse being pursued by hideous giants, our hero realizes he may have flown over the rainbow, but he hasn't landed in Oz!

When he is rescued by the Valkyrie, he discovers her name is Freya, and although he wasn't planning to fall in love with a warrior-maid and demigoddess, he does. Soon Odin, Thor, Baldur, and the other Norse Gods welcome him into the fraternity of Valhalla as a brother warrior, and reveal the super-scientific secrets that have kept them alive—and hidden—for tens of thousands of years. But what he does not suspect is that he, and his love for Freya, are part of Loki's long-brewed plan to free the sinister giants of Jotunheim, trigger Ragnarok, and bring on the Twilight of the Gods!

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction calls A Yank at Valhalla "Memorable!" and one of Hamilton's most "formidably composed" novels, "dark in texture," "one of the novels for which he will be remembered."

Out of print for more than a quarter of a century!

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