ACT OF CONTRITION: The Classic Noir Graphic Novel by Nik Havert & Wes Sweetser

Dave Sim says: "A really nice piece of work ... accomplished ...tight... and sharp."

The crime rate is jumping in the small town of Magdalena, Indiana, and so is the number of people going to confession. Are the criminals feeling remorse, or is there some other connection that Detective Paul Stuart can't quite grasp the answer just yet? But he has an uneasy feeling the solution might be in the palm of his hand.

"Great dialogue pretty much the whole way through here, and those fat black shadows were perfect for the theme. Worth a look if you like the murder mystery/suspense type of stories." —Dave Sim at Optical Sloth

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Categories Comics , Fantasy , F - Novels , Horror , H - Novels
Author Page Nik Havert and Wes Sweetser's Futures Past Editions eBooks
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