THE UNDEAD DIE and Other Weird Tales by E. Everett Evans

Weird Tales from Unknown Worlds!

Award-winning author E. Everett Evans was a famed author of off-trail horror stories in the late 1940s and early '50s. His work appeared in such distinguished publications as Weird Tales, Fantasy Book, Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader, and Spaceways. A small compilation of his work, limited to 600 copies, was published some thirty years ago.

But The Undead Die is the first-ever collection of this horror master's fine stories available to the general public. So, be warned: None of Evan's dark fantasies proceed down familiar paths to clichéd ends. Instead, each is a little gem, built around an original idea and treatment. Included, among other delights, are "The Shed," his most famous story (a novelette charged with many elements later to be found in the work of Steven King); in fact, a similar claim could be made in regard to "Blurb."

Also included is "The Undead Die," written in collaboration with none less than the legendary Ray Bradbury. This last is a real treat for aficionados of dark fantasy, for it has only been reprinted once more than a quarter century ago! Evans was fascinated by the vampire legend, and this collection features no less that four of his very human treatments of the undead.

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