THE GREEN ODYSSEY by Philip Jose Farmer

Classic SF Romp by the Author of Riverworld!

When Alan Green's starship crashes on a medieval planet overrun with feudal human societies, he is instantly captured and sold into slavery. Green soon finds himself installed as a gigolo to Duchess Zuni of Tropat, the local duke's voluptuous but bath-needing wife.

Lazy and cautious to the point of timidity, he soon finds himself under the thumb of Amra, an Amazon of a wife, a slave like him, who combines beauty and intelligence with five kids, one of them Green's. With himself as gigolo and Amra as official lernan of the Duchess Zuni, Green is doing quite well in a precarious position when he hears that another ship from the sky has landed a few thousand miles away, and the two men on board mistaken for "demons" and scheduled for execution.

Determined to save his fellow Earthmen from death, and himself from Amra, Green determines to cross the grass sea of Xurdimur and get himself to Estorya in time to stop the execution—and incidentally hitch a ride home to Earth. Thus begins Philip Jose Farmer's The Green Odyssey, which has rightly been called "rollicking science-fiction adventure"; "uproarious"; "swashbuckling"; "sheer fun" and by science fiction critic and by scholar, Sam Moskowitz: "filled with engaging humor."

The next adventure begins when Alan Green arranges passage on a "wind roller", a sailing vessel of the plains, by dazzling the captain with a financial scheme offering rich profits to overcome his reluctance to help a fugitive. Setting "sale" with the captain, Green thinks he's escaped from his dominating wife—but he's wrong.

Throw in pirates and floating islands and a black cat-goddess with a taste for beer, picked up after shipwreck on one of the wandering Islands of the Xurdimur, and you have the recipe for science-fantasy adventure as irresistible as Riverworld itself. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction hails Green Odyssey as "A picaresque tale of an earthman escaping from captivity on an alien planet; the intricately colorful medieval culture of this planet, the high libido of its women, the mysteries buried within the sands of the desert over which the hero must flee, and the admixture of rapture and disgust with which the hero treats this venue—all go to make this novel a model for the flowering of planetary romance from the 1960s on."

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