IMAGINATION: The Pulp Magazine Reboot #1

Four Complete SF Novels From the Legendary Pulp Magazine!

Imagination was the last science fiction magazine featuring action-adventure novels and stories in the grand tradition of the pulps. And it was the "complete" science fiction adventure novel Imagination ran in each issue that readers ranked number one in their "likes." Many of these novels take place in highly-colored outer space and/or distant planet settings, but others are Earth-bound tales of tension and suspense in regimented near futures, or which involved alien intrigue, dangerous inventions, or extra-sensory powers taking place today (or at least the "today" of the 1950s). But whatever the subject or background of the novel, in Imagination the emphasis was always on action, drama, peril, and color.

The four novels we have selected for this inaugural issue of the new, revived Imagination are representative of the brand of unabashed adventure that could be found in any issue of the magazine. The Terror out of Space by Dwight V. Swain is the story of rebellion in the relatively-near future, during the conquest of the solar system, against the tyrannical Cartel that holds the planets under an iron grip.

Edmond Hamilton's The Ship from Infinity, on the other hand, takes us to the distant future and the very edge of the galaxy to a strange, vast ship, the product of alien technology and the object of men's cupidity for wealth and power.

Armageddon, 1970 by Geoff St. Reynard is an alien invasion story and flying saucer shocker, of Earth nearly crushed by the might of otherworldly weapons, while Boyd Ellanby's The Star Lord is the story of how the captain of a commercial passenger ship plying its trade among the stars copes when, due to sabotage, the entire ship is endangered.

All four are by frequent contributors, whose names became associated with Imagination over the years. Two are by men who helped make the golden age of the pulp science fiction magazines golden: Edmond Hamilton and Dwight V. Swain. Two are by writers whose contributions may have been less frequent, but were more than made up for by their quality.

We hope you will join us for Issue Two of Imagination, coming soon!

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