HELL HATH FURY [The Unknown Worlds of Cleve Cartmill #1]

Classic of Devil's Son Rebelling Against His Father!

The legendary Unknown Worlds is considered the best and most literate of the fantasy pulps of the 1940s. The magazine's roster of authors included Ray Bradbury, Fritz Leiber, Jane Rice, Robert A. Heinlein, Alfred Bester, Theodore Sturgeon, L. Sprague de Camp, A. E. Van Vogt, Raymond Chandler, and other masters of the genre. Yet author Cleve Cartmill, almost forgotten today, was considered the leading light of Unknown's stable.

In part, this is because one controversial science fiction story, "Deadline" (in Deadline and Other Controversial SF Classics), came to, in the words of multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Robert Silverberg, "overshadow such nicely done fantasy novellas as A Bit of Tapestry (1941) and Hell Hath Fury (1943)."

In Hell Hath Fury, it's the Devil who is scorned—by his own son by a human bride. Like all fathers, Lucifer has plans for his son, which include setting up the kingdom of hell on earth. But with both human and devil in him, Satan's offspring has a mind of his own and is determined to have things his own way, even if it means a doomed rebellion against the awesome might of his satanic father. It's a clear case of "like father like son".

Also included are two other chilling Cartmill classics from the pages of Unknown, 1941's "Oscar" and 1942's "The Bargain." Rarely reprinted, the electronic publication of these three unique works of dark fantasy by Cleve Cartmill is a major genre event.

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