SECRET OF THE SERPENT: The Classic Science Fantasy by Don Wilcox

Never-Reprinted Extravaganza from the Legendary Fantastic Adventures!

Only the wild, anything-goes imagination of Don Wilcox could have dreamed up this science fantasy of an Earthman who wakes up on an alien world in the body of a gigantic serpent!

All knowledge of who he is or how he came to be where he is has been lost. The first damsel he meets is distressed by his ferocious appearance. But when he learns she is the target of scheming Earthmen and aliens alike, he decides to protect her from afar, even if there is no hope of her even knowing of his love.

Breathtaking action, heart-rending romance, unforgettable characters, and nonstop action make this one of Don Wilcox's most memorable pulp creations. Find out why we are woo-woo for Wilcox!

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